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Practice reading EKG’s in lead II.

Available for iPhone®, iPod touch® and iPad®.

Basic EKG interpretation isn’t basic.

  • It’s a skill that takes time, practice and refreshing.
  • Your ability to identify basic EKG changes in real time is vital.
  • Practice with an app that actually looks like what you see at work.

Twenty three rhythms presented randomly in lead II.

  • Practice identification or simply view.
  • Rhythms run across three different strips.
  • Rhythm components are set dynamically providing
    variation within each type of rhythm.

Download for FREE.

  • Four sample rhythms included for free.
  • A single one-time in-app purchase unlocks all rhythms.



Warning: The cardiac rhythms presented by the app are simulated approximations. There is NO guarantee to the accuracy of rhythms presented. While accuracy is not guaranteed it is a goal. Please report errors, suggestions or general feedback to:   feedback@lead2ekg.com
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